Reed Shea

Training, fall-winter 2019

My training has continued to focus on general endurance capacity / base training, and it’s been fun seeing continued improvement even with the modest time investment I’ve been able to make. Especially because the training is simple and monotonous, more like a tiny Isuzu work truck than a Ford F-350. Nothing flashy, just forward progress every day and every week to try and get the job done.



Requisite non-sequitur

Cambridge, MA. June 2019.

Vectors & pixels

Cf. Desperate Literature.


St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

London, England. October, 2015.

Pen & ink

Cf. Frank Ching’s drawings.


Training progress, spring 2019

Following the structure and guidance in Scott Johnston & Steve House’s books Training for the New Alpinism and Training for the Uphill Athlete, I’ve focused over the past year on consistently accruing hours of work below my aerobic threshold (AeT). The past six months, I’ve averaged just about five hours per week, with more regularity than in prior years. Overall, my workload is at a 250 hours per year pace.

Training hours by quarter

These hours have been very skewed towards low-intensity aerobic. Excluding strength training, I’ve spent 97% of my training time over the past year at or below my aerobic threshold (AeT). [1]


Simplify, simplify, simplify

I read Tomasz Tunguz’s writeup on his website rewrite, and took some inspiration. After a long run yesterday, it seemed like a fun little project to sit down with a cup of decaf and re-examine this website. Ended up being a bit more than a one-morning project, but mostly fit within a weekend.